Applied Geophysics

SFB 1266 - G2: Geophysical Prospecting, Classification and Validation

Transformations of socio-environmental interactions are often associated with changes in the construction of settlements and/or ritual sites. The major objectives of sub-project G2 are to apply and refine existing geophysical investigation methods to the key locations of the archaeological sub-projects of the CRC. Therefore this sub-project collaborates with the archaeological sub-projects B1 and B2 to determine the three-dimensional shape and stratigraphy of archaeologically relevant targets and to characterize them by their geophysical soil properties. The collaboration with sub-projects C2 and D1 aims at improving the interpretation of magnetic measurements and developing susceptibility models to enable quantitative (volumetric) assessments for describing unexcavated archaeological features. Sub-project G2 collaborates with sub-project D3, as well, to improve the interpretation of GPR data in particular in glacial deposits with the aim to differentiate between human remains and geology.


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